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Learn new skills that will help you get and keep the job you want!

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Career Planning

A young woman of Asian decent is pictured smiling. Text says 20 minutes with a play button beside it.

Personal Values: Self-Assessment

Discover your unique set of values to help you find work that really works for you.


A silhouette of a person standing on a hilltop with mountains in the background in purple and blue hues. Time is 10 minutes with a play button beside the time.

Set Goals for Job Search, Work, and Career Success

Effective goal setting strategies to help you succeed in your job search, work, or career.


A black woman appears to be concentrating as she is set up at the starting block of a racetrack. The time noted for this training is 25 minutes, with a play button next to the time.

How to Change for the Better

Learn how change can get you the results you want in your worklife.


Job Search

Four people with one of their hands resting on a table with their thumbs up. The word success is spelled in front of them with scrabble letters. Time of training is 10 minutes.

Keys to Success in Your Job Search

Use the word ‘Success’ to guide you in a successful job search.

Picture of runners at the starting line on a track.

Competing for Jobs You Really Want

Learn four ways to become competitive in today’s changing job market.

With scrabble letter, the words are spelled out: If not now when

Overcoming Procrastination in Your Job Search

Simple steps to stay that can lead you to the job you want.

Pictured is a young man with facial hair looking to the left in wonder of something. His t-shirt says: do something amazing. Time is 30 Minutes and shows a play button icon.

Visualization: A Secret Strategy for Job Search Success

Find out how many successful people are using visualization as a technique and how it can help you, too!

Pictured is a clip board with a Resume attached. Time noted below is 20 minutes and shows a play button icon next to it.
Solving the Puzzle:
The Secret to Making Resume Points That ‘Sell’

Discover tips and tricks that professionals use to get noticed by employers!

Pictured are a young male and young female construction workers holding files and smiling. Photo is set in a construction site background.

Self Talking Yourself Toward Success

Change the silent conversation you have with yourself to improve your daily life.

Pictured is an image of hands working to solve a rubic cube. Time of training is 40 minutes.

Staying Motivated in Difficult Times

Strategies to stay motivated you need to be successful in your job search.

Labour Market Information

Illustration of a brain powering an lightbulb. Text says: How to Use Labour Marketing Information to Power your Plans for Work or Career.

Power Your Plans for Work or Career

MKES and WDB team up to help you find and use the labour market information that can help you succeed in your work or career goals.

Labour Market Information (LMI) Resources


Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship and Business Resources

In-Person  / Online Employability Skills Workshops

In-Person and Online Workshops

World of Work

Discuss what influences job choices, the benefits of working, and explore the hidden job market for possible opportunities.

Prepare for Meaningful Employment

Get to know yourself by taking an inventory of your values, interests, skills, and strengths. Learn how this plays a key role in your job satisfaction.

Personality Dimensions

Explore how personality impacts workplace interactions, learn to understand yourself while appreciating differences in others, and find ways to communicate effectively in your relationships.

Making Work Stick

Find out how to stay employed, reduce stress, and feel more satisfied at work. Explore common work challenges and  tools to help you make work stick, even when it gets tough.

Time Management

Review the value of time management in the workplace and explore strategies to best manage time in your personal and professional life.

Working in Teams

Explore what a team is, the benefits of teamwork, and how to improve your teamwork skills.


Learn key elements of body language and verbal communication. Apply communication tactics and discuss topics for professional workplace conversations.

Customer Service

Learn techniques to routinely deliver positive customer experiences, deal effectively with difficult customers, and demonstrate a positive, confident, and professional approach.

Problem Solving

Learn to recognize and address problems as they arise and acquire the skills to solve problems in an effective and timely manner.

Understanding Conflict

Learn to recognize default conflict style patterns to improve self-awareness and explore positive solutions for resolving workplace conflicts.

Technology in the Workplace

Explore strategies to use e-mail, text messaging apps and social media effectively and professionally at work and for job searching.

Our employability skills workshops are also offered online.

Workshops are approximately 2-hours in length.  E-mail us  or ask your nearest service provider for workshop dates and times.