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Our employability skills workshops are offered in-person and online. Workshops are approximately 2-hours in length.

E-mail us  or ask your nearest service provider for workshop dates and times.

Employability Skills Workshops

World of Work

Discuss what influences job choices, the benefits of working, and explore the hidden job market for possible opportunities.

Prepare for Meaningful Employment

Get to know yourself by taking an inventory of your values, interests, skills, and strengths. Learn how this plays a key role in your job satisfaction.

Personality Dimensions

Explore and understand yourself while appreciating differences in others. Be a more effective communicator in your relationships, your work, and in your life.

Your Personal Style

Explore how personality impacts interactions in the workplace with customers and co-workers.  Pre-requisite: Personality Dimensions

Time Management

Review the value of time management in the workplace and explore strategies to best manage time in your personal and professional life.

Working in Teams

Explore what a team is, the benefits of teamwork, and how to improve your teamwork skills.


Learn key elements of body language and verbal communication. Apply communication tactics and discuss topics for professional workplace conversations.

Customer Service

Learn techniques to routinely deliver positive customer experiences, deal effectively with difficult customers, and demonstrate a positive, confident, and professional approach.

Problem Solving

Learn to recognize and address problems as they arise and acquire the skills to solve problems in an effective and timely manner.

Understanding Conflict

Learn to recognize default conflict style patterns to improve self-awareness and explore positive solutions for resolving workplace conflicts.

Technology in the Workplace

Explore strategies to use e-mail, text messaging apps and social media effectively and professionally at work and for job searching.

More workshops are being added, check back often!